Virtual adventure: a walk around the exhibition "Wrocław 1945-2016"

26 January - 31 December 2021 Centrum Historii Zajezdnia, Grabiszyńska, Wrocław, Polska

We invite you for an extraordinary, virtual journey through our permanent exhibition "Wrocław 1945-2016"!
Every day, from 26 to 31 January, we will present one film - the next part of our virtual walks. Thanks to 360 technology, you will be able to carefully look around the interiors of the museum and see the exhibits inside.
During this journey you will be accompanied by our experts and guides, who will make you feel as if you were really in our museum interiors!

Movies are available with Polish, English and Ukrainian subtitles.

Part one: Poland at the crossroads 1918 - 1945

Part two:

Part tree:

Part four:

Part five:

Part six:

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The project "Wrocław 1945-2016 3D" was co-financed by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport as part of the Multiannual Program NIEPODLEGŁA for 2017-2022