The exhibition „Wrocław 1945-2016”

16 September 2016 Grabiszyńska 184, Wrocław, Polska

The “Wrocław 1945–2016” exhibition tells the story of the post-war history of the city and its residents who, having arrived from different parts of Poland and its Borderlands, created the social, cultural and academic fabric of the city from scratch.

This scenographic, interactive and multimedia exhibition is enriched with thousands of photographs, audio-visual materials and original and exceptional exhibits.

Amongst other attractions, visitors can listen to narratives from witnesses to history, take part in the Peace Race, sign the Address from the Polish bishops to the German bishops, check what Tadeusz Różewicz kept in his drawer or take on the role of an opposition printer.

The Depot History Centre is a venue for contemporary historical exhibitions, and educational and cultural projects. The main exhibition laid out in the main shed of the former depot is dedicated to the whole post-war history of Wrocław, Lower Silesia and other regions attached to Poland following the Second World War.

When creating exhibitions, the latest and most innovative display techniques are used to attract and engage visitors.

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Our programme also includes:parties, concerts, and a cinema (we have our own 49-seat cinema); in the summer, we also stage open-air film showings; historical games, educational workshops, occasional guided tours around the exhibition, visiting temporary exhibitions, conferences, meetings with authors, and theatrical performances