Interdisciplinary conference: Conflict – stabilisation – assimilation? The consequences of migration in the lives of inhabitants of Lower Silesia post 1945. A comparative approach.

28 September - 29 September 2021 Centrum Historii Zajezdnia, Grabiszyńska, Wrocław, Polska

The aim of the conference will be to consider the processes occurring as a consequence of the migration; above all, the complex mosaic of social and ethnic inter-relations as well as relations between the citizenry and the emerging / departing authorities. Central will be an in-depth discussion of various aspects of this phenomenon in a broader perspective, while not forgetting the individual experience, which will allow for a comprehensive assessment and comparison of these events, as well as showing the long-term effects that are still felt to this day. We will not limit ourselves only to those phenomena taking place in Lower Silesia; rather, we are treating this area as pars pro toto or a point of reference for comparative research.

Organising committee:
Prof. Robert Klementowski (IPN Wrocław, University of Wrocław)
Prof. Jarosław Syrnyk (University of Wrocław)
Dr Wojciech Kucharski (“Remembrance and Future” Centre)
Magdalena Gibiec (IPN Head Office, University of Wrocław)
Agnieszka Klarman (IPN Wrocław)
Marek Szajda (“Remembrance and Future” Centre)